Automobile Engineering

About The Course

As we all know that in this modern Era of growth and new technology, the role of transportation has very high value in connecting one place to another for fast logistics and delivery of food grains, vegetables, perishable and other goods which are needed in our daily life..

>  The automobile sector consist of passenger vehicles, goods transportation mini trucks, mega trucks and bulk earth moving equipments to road roller, JCB machines used in construction.
>  Since there is a big industry for automobile therefore there is great demand of automobile engineers for production and after sales service, maintenance etc.
>  Diploma in Automobile Engineering has very good job prospects. A diploma Engineer can get a starting package between 2.5 to 4.0 lac per annum initially.
>  There are very good chances of growth in this sector as many new vehicles companies are coming to India every year. As per the vision of our New Prime Minister he has Emphasised to give more weightage to skilled manpower then to a mere degree.
>  Therefore Automobile Engineering is a branch with high job opportunity all over India in companies manufacturing two wheeler and four wheelers